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“Mom will have hands like a robot”: a woman from Serpukhov, who was cut off by brushes, made an artificial limb in Germany

On Margarita Grachova attacked her husband, with whom she tried to divorce. The police did not immediately agree to conduct an investigation, and it has not yet been deprived of the rights to ch

A resident of Serpukhov, Margarita Grachyova, who was cut off by her husband in December 2017, made a bionic prosthesis in Germany. She wrote about this on her VKontakte page.

Photo from the page of Margarita Grachyova "VKontakte"
Photo from the page of Margarita Grachyova “VKontakte”

Grachev received two prostheses – one more functional, the second for “rough work”. According to her, she still needs rehabilitation in St. Petersburg.

When the doctors found out that Rita had two small children, they recommended doing two prostheses. Functional, “Bibionica”, do, so to speak, on the way out and for some fine work. And for everyday life, for homework – a simpler and stronger prosthesis, which works only with the thumb and forefinger.

Inna Sheikina
mother of Margarita Grachyova

Gracheva and her mother spent almost a month in German Duderstadt, where there is a specialized factory for the manufacture of prostheses. Money for medical treatment was collected in social networks. According to the girl, they transferred about 6 million rubles.

Sheikina said that in Germany they gave out the necessary devices for rehabilitation, about which they “did not even speak” in Russia. For example, the device for restoring the left hand, which the doctors could still sew after the incident.

Most importantly, German specialists began to do Rita electrostimulation of the left arm. Electrodes are connected to it. Doctors explain: in fact, the muscles do not care where the signal comes from – the head or electrodes. They in any case react to impulses, it makes them work, they do not perish. So the sewn hand “remembers” its functions. This is a very important thing. They can rent such a device home.

Inna Sheikina
mother of Margarita Grachyova

In Grachevoy two sons-preschoolers, she told them that she had an accident, and explained that now she “will have hands like a robot.”

In December 2017, the husband of Margarita Dmitry Grachev took her out into the woods and cut off his hands on the ground of jealousy. In October, he also took her out into the woods and asked about her lovers, putting a knife to her throat. After that Margarita turned to the police, but she did not take any measures there. The district police officer became a figurant of the case of negligence. Gracheva wanted to divorce her husband before the incident, the decision to dissolve the marriage came into force in January 2018.

Against Dmitry Grachev, a criminal case was opened about deliberate harm to health (part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code), he is under arrest. Margarita filed a lawsuit for the deprivation of parental rights, but the court postponed his consideration until the results of the psychiatric examination. Gracheva fears that if the former spouse does not take away parental rights before the trial, the presence of two children will become a mitigating circumstance.

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