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Mark Zuckerberg: “This is a serious breach of trust. I’m very sorry that this happened “

Facebook founder arranged a press tour of the US media, in which he apologized for the privacy scandal associated with Cambridge Analytica. “Now it is our responsibility that this does not happen again, ” he said in an interview with CNN .

Recall that the scandal erupted because of the British firm Cambridge Analytica. She was able to collect personal data from 50 million Facebook users and slipped them relevant political advertising. It is assumed that this could affect the results of presidential elections in the United States.

Zuckerberg apologized for the fact that third companies were able to access the user data. Including their interests, biography, political views, etc. According to him, the company has already developed a comprehensive plan that will reduce the amount of data available to third-party developers. Such auditors will also be audited.

In addition, it is known that Mark is ready to testify before the US Congress, his company will notify users whose data was obtained by Cambridge Analytica.

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