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In Transbaikalia, a man tried to cross the border in a vest with vodka (3 photos)

In the Trans-Baikal Territory on the border between Russia and China, a Russian was detained, who tried to cross the border in a homemade waistcoat with alcohol hidden in it.

The customs officers paid attention to the heavily inflated jacket and clumsy movements of the man who was trying to get home from China. He was asked about the presence of undeclared goods, which he answered negatively, while becoming very nervous. Then the customs officers asked the citizen to unbutton the jacket, under which was discovered a homemade vest, glued together with an adhesive tape of 24 plastic bags.

Thanks to the vest, the man attached 12 liters of vodka to the body, which, he said, he was carrying for his birthday and his brother’s wedding. A case of administrative violation was brought against the detainee.

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