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DJI has received the “largest in history” commercial order for drones

DJI received the “largest in history” commercial order for the production of custom drones for the Japanese machine-building giant Komatsu. In total, 1000 drones will be assembled, meeting the customer’s specifications. In drones, the technology of the American startup Skycatch, which specializes in image processing, will be used.

Semiautomatic drone Skycatch Explore1 will be based on the model DJI Matrice 100, oriented to the corporate sector and designed to inspect construction sites, it is able to map the terrain to within 5 centimeters. Drones can also be used to monitor the robotic production of Komatsu.

How much will one copy of Skycatch Explore1 cost, it is not specified, however, as Engadget writes , DJI Matrice 100 costs from $ 3.2 thousand per piece without taking into account some additional payments (for example, $ 1.8 thousand for a software solution from Skycatch).

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