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Buyers of the “Breguet Company” Boring Company Elon Musk will get them by the beginning of the barbecue season

Buyers who have pre-ordered the Bingo Company’s “Blowing Company” elon Musk will start receiving devices by the beginning of summer. This is reported in the email-dispatch, which sent the company.

As explained by the publication TechCrunch, usually in the US in the summer forest fire is raging, and the Americans begin the season of barbecue. Also in the letters of the Boring Company it is said that the customers of the company will have to sign the terms and conditions of use before the deliveries begin. It is noted that the wording in the documents will be “rhymed”.

January 26, it became known that the Boring Company elona Musk may begin to sell flamethrowers after the caps. Two days later, the businessman presented the device officially, and pre-orders for 500 dollars were opened on the company’s website. All 20 thousand flamethrowers were sold for 4 days, the company Musk earned on this $ 10 million. On February 3, the businessman announced the renaming of the flamethrowers as “nego-darkers” in order to bypass the rules of the US customs service.

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