British collector found a rare photo, which is estimated in millions of dollars (3 photos)

British collector Justin Whiting for many years was fond of old photographs, which he bought at auctions and flea markets. Among rare and interesting pictures the man wanted to find a really valuable exhibit, and he succeeded.Looking through the popular Internet auction, Justin came across a photo on which he recognized the famous American criminal Jesse James. The seller did not know this and was selling photos for only $ 10. The caption to the photo read: “Victorian ferrotype, photo of a young man in a dark suit by the armchair, 1870-1879, USA”.The collector immediately bought a photo and she came to him intact. He turned to the experts who confirmed the authenticity of the picture and assured that it really shows Jesse James. The photo was taken in the 60s of the XIX century, when the future criminal was about 14 years old. Justin is going to sell the photo, and its value can reach $ 5 million. 

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