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The children’s book about the gay rabbit of the vice-president of the USA became a bestseller

In the new issue of the Last Weet Tonight show, John Oliver talked about US Vice President Maike Pence. He is known for his conservative views, including negative attitudes toward abortion and LGBT people, as well as a connection with the right-wing Christian organization Focus on the Family , which, among other things, promoted so-called reparative therapy aimed at “changing” homosexual orientation to heterosexual, and recognized ineffective.

Had a productive first day as #botus working hard to #makeamericagreatagain !

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I love my family so much – especially when they accidentally wear red, white, and blue! 🇺🇸 It happens a lot! #nationalpetday

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John Oliver released a children’s book for trolling over Mike Pence, but she suddenly became a hit.

At the beginning of the release Oliver promised that he would tell something good about the vice-president – it turned out that he had a rabbit named Marlon Bando.

Marlon Bando has an instagram with 24 thousand subscribers, which is led by Pens Charlotte’s daughter.

On March 19, there was a start of sales of a book about a rabbit called “The Day of Marlon Bando in the Life of a Vice President “, written by Charlotte herself and illustrated by her mother Karen. But Oliver did not like one detail: one of the stops in the tour to promote the book was at the headquarters of the organization Focus on the Family.

The first place in the list of Amazon bestsellers among all books as of March 21st.

Congratulations, Pence: you even managed to destroy Marlon Bando. Now, none of us can enjoy the book about your rabbit.

John Oliver
Parrot, comedian, presenter of Last Week Tonight

But, according to John, by sheer coincidence, the show Last Week Tonight wrote her book about Bando, which was released on the day of the broadcast, the day before the publication of the book Pensov. This is a full-fledged children’s book that can be read to children. (Note: although the authors of the book are Marlon Bando and Jill Twiss, for simplicity, it will be listed as Oliver’s book.)

Oliver’s book, “The Day in the Life of Marlon Banto,” tells how Marlon and another rabbit named Wesley fell in love and decided to get married, but met resistance from the “Smelly Bug”, similar to Mike Pence, how they defeated her.

You can not marry! Rabbits can not marry rabbits. Rabbits should marry rabbits.

Smelly Bug
The main and important

The book also has an audio version , the main role in which was voiced by Jim Parsons, mainly known as Sheldon in the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.”

Audiobooks . (The Pence book, however, does not have an audio version.)

The whole edition of the book was bought in one day . John Oliver in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres said that he did not expect such a reaction, and promised a new party a few weeks later.

@lastweektonight @iamjohnoliver Not gonna lie, I do look pretty fly in a bow tie. The only thing better than one bunny book for charity is…TWO bunny books for charity. #BOTUS – Marlon

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It is not known how the US vice-president reacted to this situation, but Charlotte and Marlon reacted positively.

“I will not lie, I really look pretty stylish in a butterfly. Better than one book about a rabbit for charity can be only two books about rabbits for charity. “

In an interview on Fox, Charlotte also spoke positively: “I think that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but, seriously, his book supports charity. I think no one is against it. We have two books about rabbits who support charity, so I’m with both hands for “.

Revenues from both books do go to charity. Pensov’s book supports the anti-trafficking fund and the art therapy program for children with cancer, and Oliver’s book is an organization for the prevention of suicide among LGBT people and the fight against HIV and AIDS.

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