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Scottish blogger, who taught the pug to the Nazi salute, was found guilty of inciting hatred

Frame from the video of Marcus Michan
Frame from the video of Marcus Michan

30-year-old Scotlander Markus Meechan (Markus Meechan) was found guilty of inciting hatred for the videos with his pug Buddha, which depicts the Nazi salute. The process of videoblogging lasts two years, but the final verdict will be made only in April 2018.

Michan was arrested in May 2016, when YouTube began to disperse roller with a dog watching a video with Adolf Hitler and throwing his paw in the words “Zig Heil!”. Users complained about the inappropriate content of the video, which scored more than three million views.

The police began an investigation, and the YouTube administration restrictedaccess to the video as “unacceptable content.” The trial of the Scotsman beganonly in 2017: the police found his videos offensive, and the blogger said that he was shooting them for his girlfriend.

Marcus Michan with his pug. Photo of the BBC

On March 20, 2018, the judge found Michan guilty of inciting hatred. According to the Scots girl, he shot a video to “annoy” her, and did not expect it to become viral. She called him “liberal and tolerant,” and also noted that he never insulted the Jews.

However, the judge did not agree with her: in his opinion, the Scot is deliberately covering himself with humorous themes in order to protect himself from the consequences.

Michan knew that it was unacceptable and for whatever reason, and deliberately used the anti-Semitic theme to attract the attention of the audience.

Derek O’Carroll

For Michan stood a famous comedian Ricky Gervais (Ricky Gervais), who called the verdict violating freedom of speech. Jewish comedian David Baddiel (David Baddiel) also supported the Scotsman and noted that you can joke about anything, “including the Holocaust.”

Verdict vlogoberu will endure in April: if I plead guilty of inciting hatred, he faces up to 6 months in prison or a major fine.

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