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Public: Keanu Reeves does ordinary things

Keanu Reeves in St. Petersburg

Keanu Reeves is one of the favorite actors of the Internet. On Reddit constantly share good stories of different years about him: the movie star “The Matrix” and “John Wick” then launches a charity fund for cancer research and refuses to associate it with his name, then refuses part of his salary to help producers spend money on others actors. On the “home page of the Internet” there is even a section devoted to Reeves’s “stunning” actions.

Also, users periodically meet him in life and tell legends about his kindness. Someone noticed how he gave way to the subway, and someone saw how he helps a little girl get on a motorcycle.

In March 2018, a Twitter account called keanu doing things (Kianu does things), which developed the ideas of Reddit: they started publishing Reeves, seen for quite ordinary things like a walk or an attempt to take a photo. Similar accounts have already been in different years about Kanye West or Ryan Gosling , but “kianu does things” in two weeks almost overtook them by subscribers.

In the description it is indicated that the profile is conducted by the fans of the actor. Some of his classes, which they fix, are pretty ordinary or pretty.

“Keanu Reeves drinks wine and goes to sleep”

Another category – the “philosophical” Keanu.

“Keanu Reeves is drinking the” Crown “and experiencing an existential crisis”
“Keanu Reeves reflects on life while eating a piece of pizza”

“Keanu Reeves exchanges wisdom with the homeless”
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