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In Kosovo, parliament deputies sprayed tear gas to disrupt the vote

In Kosovo, opposition MPs from the “Self-determination” party used tear gas in the parliament building to prevent a vote on approving the agreement on the recognition of the state border line with Montenegro in 2015.

According to the local television channel, the deputies were evacuated from the courtroom. It is expected that the parliament will continue to work after the gas dissipates.

In Kosovo, violence should not be used as a political tool. I call on the deputies to reconvene the meeting and end the voting today.

Greg Delawie
US Ambassador to Kosovo

The left-nationalist political party “Self-determination” had previously opposed the agreement on the border with Montenegro, saying that it would erroneously give the neighboring country about 8,000 hectares (30 square miles) of land belonging to Kosovo. Previous attempts to ratify the agreement led to similar protests related to tear gas in the 120-seat parliament and street clashes with the police.

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