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I do not know how, because I’m human: a social campaign has started to support people with Down Syndrome

On March 21, the International Day of Man with Down Syndrome, the charity fund “The Syndrome of Love” and the creative agency Red Keds launched the video on TV and in social networks. The goal of the campaign is to show that Down syndrome does not make a person special. We are all limited in opportunities, we all do not know how, just because we are people.

Trust fund “Love Syndrome” and their relatives face a huge number of problems, from lack of information and ending with bureaucracy.

The creative team of Red Keds dwelled on the idea of ​​integrating people with Down’s syndrome into society, as with many difficulties one can cope with broad social support and awareness.

“The idea of ​​the campaign draws a line of equality between” them “and us. In society, people with Down’s syndrome are viewed in most cases from the point of view of their limitations in self-actualization: they will not receive a doctoral degree, he will not run a marathon, but are all of us great scientists, professional athletes, talented dancers, virtuosic pianists? We are trying to change this perception by translating a simple thought: in fact, we are all not so different, each of us has limitations, “explains the head of the strategic department of Red Keds Anna Levant.

The second most important task of the digital campaign is to raise funds for programs to support children and adolescents with Down syndrome.

One such program is “Sport for the good. Children”. Thanks to the support of FIFA Football for Hope and the Russian State Social University, children and teenagers with Down syndrome have been engaged in soccer teams since 2015. And they already have successes.

In the video, the football team appears not only because it is an association with the idea of ​​equality and the main trend of 2018, but also because it is one of the Fund’s greatest achievements.

“Unfortunately, Russia is still inferior to progressive countries in terms of the level of socialization of people with developmental peculiarities in society. But in a few years everything can change. Socialization is a long and two-sided process. On the one hand, we need to prepare society, the environment, social conditions, infrastructure, legislation. On the other hand, the training of people with Down syndrome to an uneasy and diverse life. It is necessary to create conditions in which they will feel comfortable and happy at the expense of financing their education and development programs. And we can do all this: the state, public organizations, society as a whole and personally every person, “says Irina Menshenina, general director of the” Love Syndrome “fund.

Red Keds filmed a video together with Fresh Production and directed by Nicolo Bravetta. For the day the team changed five locations, collecting all the stories in one in 22 hours.

“Most of all we were worried about shooting with children, after all, in fact we are the target audience of the video, we are absolutely not trained,” says producer Diana Avshalumova of Red Keds. – To prepare and communicate with the guys, on the eve we went to the fund for their football training. All of them turned out to be sympathetic, understanding and with a great sense of humor. Emotional Italian Nikolo was very interested. One boy approached the cameraman and asked: “Did your director even look at the Diamond Arm?”.

“It was important for me to find a connection with these children, have time to talk with them before filming, find out what they are living, what makes them happy. The guys turned out to be great actors! – says Nicolo Bravetta. – Participation in such a project gives me the feeling that I as a person have a chance to become a little better. And as a director, I like that we showed several sincere stories, they turned out to be very cinematic. The client, agency and production were open to new solutions. Some of the characters we invented in the process of filming, but they have become very successful: the astronaut is a superperson, but if you look differently, he is also an ordinary person, and he does not know everything.

In my experience, I know that if social advertising is done well, cleverly and honestly, it really helps to solve problems. ”

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