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Google released an application with augmented reality for drawing white lines in the air

Google has released the application Just a Line, the only function of which is drawing white lines “hanging” in space. It is only available on Google Play for Android.

The company called the application AR-experiment. In the commercial to the launch of the Google program several ways to use Just a Line, for example, the creation of funny videos in the style of masks Instagram and Snapchat.

The application is based on the previous Google experiment – Tilt Brush , which allowed to draw in a large space in virtual reality. However, for Tilt Brush, compatibility with VR was needed, which many modern smartphones on Android do not have. To use Just a Line, any device that supports ARCore is suitable, including Google Pixel 2, OnePlus 5, Zenfone AR, LG V30 or any of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

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