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Australian MTV sent for an interview with Margot Robbie of her own younger brother

The Australian version of MTV recorded an interview with actress Margo Robbie (“Squad of suicides”, “I, Tonia”), dedicated to the release of a new film with her participation – “Rabbit Peter”. At the same time, Cameron Robbie had to ask questions – Margo’s own brother, who works as a regular journalist for the TV channel.

Robbie did not know that her brother works with MTV. And I was very surprised when he sat down in front of her and asked me to calm down.

Actress Elizabeth Debike, who starred with Robbie in “Rabbit Peter” noted that her colleague is very similar to her brother.

After Margot calmed down, Cameron still tried to ask her about her attitude to the theme of the draws in the film, and also asked: was she accidentally chosen to be a “light-minded and stupid” character?

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