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Voice assistant “Alice” from “Yandex” has learned to call a taxi and remember the address

According to the company, the function is available in all regions (more than 108), where the service operates.

To do this, you need to dictate “Alice” one of several options for messages and say the right address. The voice assistant will open the application “Yandex.Taxi”, which by default will fill the line “Where.” The current location (with geolocation enabled) will be determined automatically – its “Alice” will indicate as the departure point.

To “Alice” you can apply in different ways: “call a taxi”, “order a taxi”, “go by taxi”. She can name specific addresses or place names (McDonald’s, a museum, a cinema).

Also, “Alice” can call a taxi home or at work: for the first time she will specify the address, and then will remember and will indicate it in the application without asking again.


At this stage, you can not use Yandex.Taxi only with the help of Alice. As explained in “Yandex”, while the assistant can not choose the right tariff and by default offers “economy”. Change the method of payment will also have to manually. The company promised to add new features in the near future.

Yandex announced the official launch of Alisa in October 2017. In March 2018, Yandex built Alice in Yandex.Browser on Windows and taught the assistant to manage the computer.

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