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US sailors received a submarine with Xbox gamepads

The US Navy took over the weekend the USS Colorado service – a new multipurpose nuclear submarine. The boat left the naval base of submarines in New London. And I went out with an unconventional piece of equipment – a gamepad from the Xbox 360 game console.

The fact is that the masts of the photonics are used to replace the usual periscopes in the submarine. They are equipped with high-resolution cameras capable of rotating 360 degrees. They transmit images to monitors in the ship’s control room, explains The Verge.

Initially they had to be controlled by a helicopter-like joystick, but it was big and uncomfortable. In the Navy decided not to fence the garden and buy for control purposes gamepads from Xbox. This not only saved money: the joystick cost from $ 38,000, while the gamepad can be bought for $ 40. But also to get used to the personnel to a new mode of management it is not necessary: ​​with gamepads there all are well familiar.

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