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Unemployed family of migrants abandoned the house at a cost of 350 000 dollars (12 photos)

The family of 33-year-old migrant Arnold Sube, who lives in the British city of Luton, Bedfordshire, refused three houses that were offered to them by local authorities. The fact is that Arnold and his wife, Jean, raising eight children, is not satisfied with the fact that the houses they offer officials have few bedrooms and no dining room. The authorities offered the unemployed family of migrants a four-bedroom house worth 250,000 pounds ($ 350,000), but they refused it. This is the current house in which the family lives. The house has three bedrooms, its cost is 174 thousand pounds.Previously, the family for four months, lived in one of the hotels, then she was provided with accommodation. City authorities threaten migrants who received benefits last year of 100 thousand pounds sterling, the fact that they can stay without a house, if they do not agree to one of the options suggested by him.Arnold Sube was born and raised in Cameroon. At the age of 18 he arrived in France, and in 2012 moved to the UK for training at the University of Bedfordshire.”I and my family are ignored, we live in three bedrooms, and there are 10 of us,” says Arnold Sube. The authorities of the city make our life even harder, my wife is a housewife, and I am a student. They just look for excuses, but we need a spacious house with enough rooms, “says the head of the family.


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