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The last male of the northern white rhinoceros died in the world (3 photos)

In Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the last male of the northern white rhinoceros named Sudan died. The animal suffered from a serious illness and had to be put to sleep. Sudan was 45 years old, which is a very old age for rhinoceroses. At the moment in the world there are only two females of this species – this is the daughter of Sudan Najin and the granddaughter of Fatou.

“All of us in Ol Pejeta are saddened by the death of the Sudan, he was an excellent representative of his kind, and we will remember him here for the work he did to draw public attention around the world to the predicament in which there are not only rhinoceroses, but and thousands of other endangered species as a result of the destructive activity of people, “said the reserve’s general director, Richard Vigne.

Earlier, the management of the reserve collected funds to artificially increase the population of white rhinos, which are the largest land animals after elephants. Scientists will try to use the method of in vitro fertilization with the use of eggs of the remaining females and surviving spermatozoa of males. At the same time, the females of the southern white rhinoceros can act as surrogate mothers.

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