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The American in a dream called 911 through the Apple Watch and woke up surrounded by policemen

On March 16, a Twitter user, Jason Rowley, woke up because of the three policemen who entered his bedroom. The man slept in Apple Watch and accidentally activated SOS mode in a dream. About this Rowley said on his page on Twitter.

“Public announcement: if you are sleeping with Apple Watch on, consider stopping the SOS call function, or wake up at one in the morning with three policemen in your bedroom”

In a conversation with The Verge, Rowley noted that the policemen were polite and calm. They told that they got used to false calls with Apple Watch. Judging by other complaints on Twitter, a similar problem also happens for iPhone owners, who can also activate the emergency call mode. In both cases, the system starts counting down from three to five seconds, followed by a siren, then starts dialing 911 and sends messages to friends or relatives.

“Hell, I just nervously pressed the lock button a few times and it activated the SOS mode with alarm and scared everyone in the class. Now I want to leave here forever “
“Apple Watch really need a mode” I just change the bracelets please do not turn on SOS mode or password lock “”

The SOS emergency call function can indeed be activated if you press and hold the power button: at night you can do this by accident, simply by unsuccessfully bending your wrist.

The SOS emergency call mode appeared with the WatchOS 4 and iOS 11 output and is designed to help users in danger to quietly call for help by simply holding a few buttons on their device. By default, the function automatically starts to dial into the police, but it can be disabled in the settings.

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