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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 named more durable than Galaxy S8 and iPhone X

Smartphones are getting smarter every year, but they lose their strength. It is difficult to find a modern “smart” device that would not be afraid of falling on a hard surface even from the height of a pants pocket. Exit – bumpers, covers, protective films and glasses. As a result, the user gets a thick “sandwich”, and all the “beauty” and “elegance” of smartphones for $ 1000 hides under cheap plastic.

SquareTrade decided to check how strong the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its older brother Samsung Galaxy S9 +turned out , sending them to free fall from a small height first at the back panel, and then “face” down. And at the same time appreciated the stability of the body to bend.

As a result, the roller, the authors concluded that the new mobile flagship Samsung stronger than Galaxy S8and the main competitor in the face of the iPhone the X . However, this does not mean that the mobile phone can be dropped – no, it instantly loses its presentation.

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