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Photo: Jeff Bezos and his “new dog”

March 19 in California, opened a conference MARS, dedicated to robotics, machine learning and space exploration. She was visited by the head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who posted a snapshot with SpotMini’s robot dog from Boston Dynamics on Twitter. The entrepreneur joked that he was “walking a new dog”.

SpotMini – a robot, which in demonstrations brought beer to the owner and opened the doors with a robot. Some users of social networks joked that the head of Amazon and his new pet look as if they were going to “kill us all.” In 2017, Bezos gained muscle mass and became a hero fotozhab thanks to “brutality”.

Also Bezos played with another device in “Birping”.

In 2017, Bezos also came to the conference MARS: then he was able to control a huge humanoid robot.

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