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Person in Instagram “plus size” -model male

Arkadio’s weight did not stop him from becoming a successful model, despite the fact that he wears clothes of the XXXXXL size. He even managed to work at the Fashion Week in New York. Thanks to this courage, Arcadio already has more than nine thousand subscribers to Instagram.

His first photo in social networks Arcadio posted in 2015, the year. Despite the imposed standards of appearance, the man boldly poses in tight clothes or in a bathing suit on the beach. This self-confidence attracted the attention of the brand of street clothes VOLARE, thanks to which the man was at the Fashion Week in New York. Arcadio, who basically works as an assistant for personnel matters, admits that for him it was a fantastic experience. “When I walked down the podium, it was just incredible. My heart was beating so hard that I almost jumped out of my chest. In my entire life, I have never experienced anything like this. My sister sat in the front row and supported me, and I was so proud … For all my life I have not done anything like this … ”

Arkadio admits that his life was not always like this: “I did not like myself in court and in my twenty.”

 Arcadio says that he wants to show by his example that regardless of the appearance and size of clothes, any person can do whatever he wants, and be stylish.

BeachVibes. 🏝 • I took this just to see what it looked like, wasn't going to post because I was overthinking it and worried what others will say or think. Yes guys have insecurities too, then again I wouldn't be living what I strongly believe in "BodyPositivity" & loving & embracing your self and flaws. Some might find this disgusting, gross or whatever because it's not the ideal or standard and that's ok. I should be able to do things like any other guy. Wanted to do it in a photographic/artsy way as possible by taking advantage of the location. • • Hopefully by doing this I'm helping all the men/ women who feel they're not able to do the same. • • But this is me. • • #BigAndTall #streetfashion #streetstyle #urbanfashion #malemodel #mensfashion #gay #gaymen #gaybear #beardgang #beardporn #malefashion #bigmensfashion #bigandtallmodel #malestyle #fashion #fatshion #plussizemalemodel #plussizemodel #malemodel #effyourbeautystandards #bigandblunt #brawn #plussizemenswear #plusmenrevolution #brawnsquad #BodyPositivity

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