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In Russia, they will develop a “vaccine against drug addiction”

Scientists are testing a vaccine that blocks the formation of dependence on opiates with antibodies. In the future, developers expect to create similar means to protect against other psychoactive substances, Izvestia reports . If the tests are successful, the vaccine is suggested to be administered to adolescents to prevent drug addiction.

“Typically, to obtain protective antibodies, morphine derivatives are combined with a protein. Abroad such vaccines are allowed. But in Russia it is forbidden that the composition of the vaccine includes narcotic substances, “scientists said, which went the other way.

They create conjugates of a drug with a protein – hybrid molecules of two components with different properties. They are injected into the animal and thus the primary antibodies are obtained. Then the primary antibodies are injected into the other animal – and the secondary ones are obtained.

Antibodies derived from horse blood will be used for the vaccine. When they are administered, immunity persists for about six months, then a new vaccination is required.

Experts note that it is impossible to completely block the operation of any opiates by chemical means. In addition, there are internal opiates in the human body, the blocking of which will lead to death.

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