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Gamer “mined” 400 British schools for the sake of revenge to the server Minecraft

More than 400 British schools were closed on the eve of the e-mailing of threatening threats. The police, after studying the letters, came to the conclusion that they were sent from the territory of the United States, the attacker tried to substitute the Minecraft game server, trying to, apparently, suspend the work of VeltPvP.

Experts had to check the threats, from the conclusion it is clear that there are no threats to educational institutions. According to the person who introduced himself as one of the participants in the “mining”, their actions are dictated by revenge: allegedly VeltPvP arranged DDos-attacks on competing servers Minecraft.

“We sent the student with a bomb. It will explode in three hours. Or, pay $ 5,000 at [email protected], “theletters said. They also had records of Arabic script. The administrator of the VeltPvP server, 17-year-old Carson Kalle, told Kotaku that the banned gamer probably posted the newsletter.

He also rejected accusations of organizing DDos attacks. In the past, the server was already becoming the target of hackers, and against the administrator, they arranged “swatting” – a false call to the victim of the police or special forces. By the way, at the end of last year a similar “joke” led to a tragedy. Then two players in Call of Duty quarreled because of the lost bet of $ 2. On the fictitious address, the capture group was summoned, as a result of which an outsider was killed.

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