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Channel 4 learned about the Cambridge Analytica’s discussion of interference in elections of other countries

British channel Channel 4 published a video with the head of Cambridge Analytica Alexander Nix (Alexander Nix), which discusses interference in the election of other countries. Earlier, the company was suspected of illegally using the data of 50 million Facebook users.

In the video, Nix talks to an unknown man in a suit about how to discredit politicians around the world with the help of provocations. The reporter of the TV channel attended the meeting and posed as an assistant candidate in the elections in Sri Lanka.

According to Nix, one of the measures to influence politicians is “delivery of beautiful girls”, he especially noted “very beautiful Ukrainians”. The head of the company also suggested bribing the candidate competitor and recording it on video for the sake of the future of blackmail.

At the end of the video, Nix added that Cambridge Analytica “used to work secretly” through agents with forged documents. Another employee of the company noted that they “put information on the Internet and help it spread”. As examples, they led the elections in Nigeria, Argentina and India.

Earlier it became known that Cambridge Analytica illegally used the data of 50 million Facebook users. She used information to promote the election campaign of Donald Trump in 2016, learned the media.

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