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Atari showed the game console Atari VCS

Atari company will soon release a new console. Previously, it was called Ataribox, now – Atari VCS. In many respects it looks like Atari 2600 from the far 70s of last century. Atari confirmed that the kit includes a classic controller, but there will also be a modern gamepad.

About what actually is Atari VCS, it remains to guess the image of the device. Gamers promise to use the console to turn the TV into a “full-fledged PC”, there will be available applications for streaming, surfing the Internet, social networking, and so on. Nothing that should cause a cry of “Ah!”

Work on the Atari prefix will be on a customized AMD processor with graphics, as it is not difficult to guess, from the same manufacturer. On the photo you can see the ports HDMI, USB, Ethernet and a slot for memory cards.

The prefix will be launched simultaneously with the catalog of classic games for Atari, as well as unnamed modern titles. Again, nothing concrete.

It was expected that the Atari VCS will be available in the spring of 2018, but the timing was shifted to a later time. The price is $ 250-300 depending on the configuration, there will also be special versions of the console.

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