Architecture: Floating island in the harbor of Copenhagen

Australian architect Marshall Blecher (Marshall Blecher) together with the Danish design studio Fokstrot developed a public space project in the harbor of Copenhagen and created a floating wooden “island” of 20 square meters.

This platform, which is planted with one lime tree, it offers to use as a resting place for kayakers and swimmers, for sunbathing, for fishing and for small activities.

Blecher is confident that projects of this kind can be adapted for use in other cities.

My hometown of Sydney has a huge and beautiful harbor, but it is dominated by mansions on the shore and rows of unused white yachts.

Such projects can help democratize the harbor and bring life back to water.

Marshall Bleacher

Floating Island – the first in the planned series of platforms with different functions. The authors of the project conceived nine islands, including a diving club, a small stage, a sailing cafe and a sauna. Each will be assembled manually, and for large events they can be combined

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