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At auction for $ 175 thousand sold a summary of Steve Jobs with errors

In 1973, Steve Jobs was 18 years old. In three years he will establish the company Apple, and in a few years will become a millionaire. But then he was just looking for a job that he probably did not really want. Otherwise, how to explain that his resume was written very casually, and even with errors.

Young Steve Jobs, as if reluctantly indicated that he has a driver’s license and is familiar with the computer. His name he wrote with a lowercase letter, and the name Hewlett-Packard managed to transform into Hewitt-Packard. Of course, they did not take him to work. And this is very good.

But now this piece of paper is valued more than the brand new Tesla! At the auction, an unknown person bought a resume for $ 174,757. Another nearly $ 42,000 someone laid out for the signed by Steve Jobs manual Mac OS X.

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