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Who is Nikolai Glushkov, who was killed in London eight days after the poisoning of Skripal

Nikolay Glushkov. Photo by Pavel Smertin, AP
Nikolay Glushkov. Photo by Pavel Smertin, AP

On March 16, the London police came to the conclusion that the death of a friend of the late Boris Berezovsky, a 68-year-old businessman Nikolai Glushkov, is a murder. Scotland Yard stressed that he does not yet have evidence of a connection with the poisoning of former Colonel GRU Sergei Skripal. However, the second in eight days resonance incident can affect the relations between Russia and the UK, which are already tense.

Murder of Glushkov, which “ceased to be” a suicide

Around 22:40 on March 12, Natalia’s daughter Glushkova found a dead father in his house, located in the Kingston area on the outskirts of London. The death of Nicholas was first reported by businessman Demyan Kudryavtsev, referring to his common friends: he previously ran the publishing house Kommersant, which previously belonged to Berezovsky. Soon, lawyers and friends Glushkov confirmed the information.

On March 13, Kommersant, referring to acquaintances of Glushkov, said that signs of strangulation had been found on his neck. According to Sky News, a businessman was found hanged. On the same day, Glushkov’s acquaintance told RIA Novosti: “He died. Like Boris Berezovsky. ” He did not explain his words, but the investigation admitted that Berezovsky committed suicide. Glushkov himself told The Guardian in 2013 that he does not believe in the official version of his friend’s death.

Nikolay Glushkov (left), Boris Berezovsky (center) and Badri Patarkatsishvili, 1985

Glushkov’s death from suffocation was initially seen as suicide, a source in the businessman’s entourage told Interfax. According to him, before this businessman suffered from depression and tried to commit suicide, as his financial condition worsened due to lawsuits. Officially British investigators did not disclose the first version of the cause of death.

According to neighbors and friends Glushkov, he never looked sick and did not suffer from deadly diseases, but suffered surgery on his leg. In politics, the businessman did not participate.

On March 16, the Investigation Committee of Russia simultaneously opened criminal cases on the murder of Glushkov and the poisoning of Yulia Skripal, Sergey’s daughter. By this time, the opening of the body of a businessman in London confirmed that the cause of death is “squeezing the neck.” The British police received a report of the pathologist and recognized that Glushkov was killed.

The Glushkov case is being investigated by the British police unit to combat terrorism. Scotland Yard called this a precautionary measure because of the connections of the businessman, but did not specify which ones.

Departure from Russia

Glushkov fled Russia to Britain in 2004 and six years later received political asylum. In England, the businessman began to live with a man and married him, the chairman of the board of directors of Alfa-Bank Peter Aven told“Interlocutor”.

Nikolai left the country immediately after being released from custody in the Savelovsky Court of Moscow in the Aeroflot case of major embezzlement. The fact is that Glushkov was sentenced to three years and three months in prison, but he had already spent the same term in the detention center.

The conviction for the theft of Aeroflot and the “correspondence” criminal case

Since 1989, Glushkov was the deputy director of Logovaz, Boris Berezovsky, from 1991 to 1995, he managed the financial activities of AvtoVAZ, in February 1996 he became deputy director of Aeroflot.

In 1993, the Prosecutor General’s Office opened a criminal case against Glushkov and Berezovsky: according to investigators, Berezovsky specifically spent his ally in Aeroflot, and he brought to the Swiss accounts of the proceeds – $ 252 million. Just in this case in 2004, Glushkov was sentenced to the already served time.

In 2017, the Moscow Savelovsky Court reviewed Glushkov’s case, found him guilty of embezzling $ 123 million, and sentenced him in absentia to eight years in prison. Aeroflot, which is considered a victim in the fraud case, participated in civil proceedings against Glushkov in London, but this separate claim was made in Russia.

Glushkov called the Aeroflot case insolvent and expressed confidence that he would be sentenced to a guilty verdict.

This is a rotten criminal case, but, of course, it will be heard and, of course, I will be condemned and sentenced to “shooting for ten years without the right to pardon.”

Nikolay Glushkov
quote on Business FM, 2016
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