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Two days before the collapse of the bridge in Miami in his design, they noticed cracks

Holiday pictures AP
Holiday pictures AP

On March 13, engineer Denny Peith, who participated in the construction of a pedestrian bridge across a seven-lane highway near the campus of the Florida International University, called one of the employees of the Florida transport administration and left on the answering machine the message that he noticed cracks in the structure. The addressee was not in the workplace, he listened to the recording only on March 16.

On March 15, the bridge collapsed , several cars were found under the rubble. At least six people were killed, and another ten were injured. The number of victims may increase, rescuers continue to disassemble the debris.

The Florida Transportation Department issued a statement in which it was stressed that the agency representatives did not receive information from the builders about the existence of a threat to people’s lives.

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