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Microsoft will force you to use the Edge browser and support the successor to JPEG

Just two news for those who use Windows 10. We decided to combine them here, because one is good, and the second is so-so. We’ll start with it. In the explanations for the latest build of Windows 10 Insider Preview, the corporation noted that soon links on which users will click on the built-in mail application Windows Mail will open only in the browser Edge.

Even if by default you have Chrome, Firefox or Opera installed as the main browser, the mail links will open in a browser from Microsoft. The company is confident that this “will provide the best, safe and consistent experience” of working in Windows 10. Do not you agree with this very much? Then forget about Windows Mail.

The second news is more pleasant. In the same latest build of Windows 10 Insider Preview, support for a relatively new image format – HEIF is implemented. It is lighter than JPEG, it allows you to store a series of photos or photos with audio notes in one container. The format can store information about the processing steps of a snapshot.

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