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Fatal kiss: the most famous of the serpents perished

Abu Zarin Hussin from Malaysia became famous all over the world thanks to his amazing kisses with cobra. The shocking tricks did absolutely honestly – the snakes were poisonous, their teeth were not removed by anyone. Of course, this hero of our time always played roulette with death. Twice he fell into a coma after the bites of his “domestic” cobras (they had three), but did not give up the hobby of snakes. I considered working with them as a matter of my life.

  Abou worked in the fire department and specialized in traveling on the calls of villagers who found snakes in their homes or in the plots. Zmielyov did not doubt: reptiles do not have to kill, it’s enough to just catch them and transport them to a wild area. To release there.

As reported by Animals1 , the last such call became fatal. It seemed to him that he had already obtained the status of untouchable for snakes … But, unfortunately, he was wrong. And the price of the error was too high – after the bite of the royal cobra, the tamer died. The doctors tried to save Abu, but without success. Zmielov was only 33 years old.

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