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World traditions of burial (6 photos)

In different countries of the world, burial places are treated with the same reverence. But they carry out this ritual action in completely different ways.

The last dance
The inhabitants of the island of Madagascar believe that the spirit of the deceased returns to the world of the living after being corrupted. Therefore, the relatives of the deceased gather near the grave, take out the remains and arrange dances with them.

Pharaoh from Ghana
The population of the city of Tesi, which is in Ghana, followed the example of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. It is customary here to make a burial in coffins, reminiscent of what the person did in life. For example, a musician could be buried in a two-meter “guitar”.

On the fodder of fish
In some tribes of Indians who live near rivers, like to decorate the remains of the dead. Before placing the body in the grave, it is lowered into a pond with piranhas. When the fish are rejuvenated, the remaining bones are decorated and sent to the ground.

Beautifully to die you will not forbid
The Chinese esteem status even at a funeral. They believe that the more people appear to honor the memory of the deceased, the more respected this person was. And to know the deceased person in person is not necessary. Once relatives invited a funeral stripper to cause more interest in people.

Harmful habits
Residents of Filipino villages do not rush to bury the body. They dress up dead relatives in the brightest clothes and put him on a chair in front of the house. For greater realism, insert a glass with alcohol into your hand, and put a pipe in your mouth.

Celestial funerals
Tibetans are surrounded by mountains and permafrost, so the funeral is celebrated in the sky. The body of the deceased is cut into parts, mixed with flour and sent to be eaten by vultures. According to their belief, this way the soul goes to heaven.

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