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The series on “The Lord of the Rings” will cost Amazon half a billion dollars

The fact that Amazon plans to start producing the series based on the books “The Lord of the Rings”, was reported as early as the fall. Now there were some “secret” figures about what would cost creation of the TV version of the fantasy saga. According to Reuters, citing its own sources, two seasons will cost Amazon half a billion dollars.

Only for the rights to the screen version of the company laid out $ 250 million, as much as will be spent on producing and marketing. This is many times more than the costs of the TV show “The Man in the High Castle”, which attracted 1.15 million new subscribers to the Amazon Prime service.

Information about the series itself at the moment is practically nonexistent. It is only known that he will talk about the events that happened before described in The Lord of the Rings: The Brotherhood of the Ring.

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