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The Australian was fined for a stowaway pass, although the coupon was implanted in the arm

A resident of Sydney was in court after being unable to present the ticket to the controller during the check of tickets when traveling in public transport. The Australian with the beautiful name Meow-Ludo Disko Gamma Meow-Miau (so recorded in the passport) calls himself a cyborg, and in court argued that the chip from the travel card is sewn into the hand.

The judge, after listening to the parties, found the biohaker guilty of violating the rules of travel and set a fine of $ 220. From the point of view of the law, Meow-Miau was guilty, since he did not have an approved model of the travel document, and besides he could not show it to the inspectors. However, this does not prevent a man from passing through the turnstiles, applying a brush, which is sewn into a chip, to the scanner.

Attorney Myau-Meow stressed that the card had enough funds to pay for travel and there was no desire to drive a rabbit from his client.

In addition to the fine, the Australian will pay $ 1,000 litigation costs.

By the end of this year, Meow-Ludo Disko Gamma Meow-Meow intends to expand the chip’s capabilities and integrate data from the credit card into it.

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