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NASA shared plans to create a “gateway” in the orbit of the moon

The NASA aerospace agency continues work on the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway project, which involves the construction of a station in the lunar orbit. According to the announced plans, the first module of the station can go to its place in 2022. It’s about the power plant. The launch of an element can be realized within the framework of a commercial contract.

It is expected that the construction of the “Gateway” will be completed by 2025. The complex will allow the astronauts to stay there and will play the role of a transplant station on the way to the surface of the Moon.

The station will be a “mini version” of the ISS, not intended for long-term stay of people. Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, most likely, will be in the elliptical orbit of a natural satellite of the Earth. In this case, the solar panels of the station will receive longer energy from the luminary

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