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“My technology has outstripped the law”: an Australian put a travel card in his hand, but he was fined for a ticket without a ticket

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Transport card under the skin

For the first time, the Australian inventor from the State of New South Wales became famous for his name – in 2016 he officially replaced it with Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow. A year later, Meow-Miau went to another change: he planted in his hand chips with a transport card and digitized documents.

A local piercer master cut off the NFC-chip Opal travel card, packed it in biocompatible plastic and placed it in the back of the palm. “Now if someone steals my wallet, I’ll get home without any problems,” said Meow-Meow, who after the operation began to call himself a “biohacker.”

With the chip, the inventor had the opportunity to simply put his hand on the reader to pay for travel on a bus or train. According to him, the scanner does not always read the card in his hand, but this is not a problem of “biohacking”, but an issue of Opal.

Penalty for “biohacking”

For several months, the Australian had no problem using a chip implanted in his hand. But in August 2017 he was fined $ 200 for not showing a ticket and not paying for the fare. Meow-meow claimed that there was enough money to pay for the trip in the palm of his hand, but the conductor refused to read his hand.

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A resident of New South Wales admitted guilt in a ticketless journey. But in February 2018, the state transport department, which from the very beginning criticized the idea of ​​implanting a chip into the hand, deactivated its card. Because of this, Meow-Miau appealed to the court: “I am ready to pay court costs in order to create a precedent around the technology of” biohacking. ”

The position of the state authorities – “biohaker” violated the terms of the agreement of the owner of the Opal card. The contact states that users can not “spoil or misrepresent” travel cards: according to representatives of the transport department, the implantation of a chip in his hand fits this definition. Meow-Miaou argued that the payment for the palm is not different from contactless payment using a smartphone.

Cyborg Rights Court

The trial was held on March 15, 2018. A representative of the New South Wales authorities said during the trial: “Whatever in his hand is no longer a card.” The court took the side of the transport administration – now Meow-Meow has to pay a 1,220 dollars fine.

At the meeting, the Australian said that soon the implantation of chips will become popular. “My technology is just ahead of the law, I’m ahead of the law,” the biohaker stressed. The judge replied that “it often happens, but it is necessary to comply with today’s legislation.”

Meow-Meow called the meeting “the fight for the rights of cyborgs”, but after the announcement of the verdict, said he was taking a court decision. During a conversation with journalists, someone shouted to him: “Brother, why did you put it into your hand?” In response, a standing woman asked him “not to harass cyborgs.”

I respect the verdict of the court. But will I stop doing biohaching? No. I did this not to attract attention or proceedings, but for the sake of convenience. And fun.

Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow
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