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Japanese nobility

The resort city of Beppu in Japan created an advertising campaign in favor of its competitors – the resort town of Kusatsu. Both organizations are known for their curative hot springs.
In January a volcanic eruption occurred in Kusats, as a result of which tourists stopped visiting this place of rest. Employees of Beppu decided to support their competitors. As a result, on their site there were records praising the dignity of another resort. And the slogan from the advertising poster reads: “Now we need to go to Kusatsu, not to Bepp”.
Also in the comments you can see a phrase that characterizes the Japanese as very noble people: “We will continue to compete when you are all right.”

Very Japanese history. The resort town of Beppu, known for its hot springs, has launched an advertising campaign in favor of … its main competitor, the resort city of Kusatsu, which, after the eruption of the volcano, tourists almost stopped coming in January.

The slogan on the poster from Beppu: “Now we must go not to Bepp, but to Kusatsu.” Also from the official site Beppu: “Kusatsu – the best balneological resort in Japan.” From the comments: “We will continue to compete when you are all right. Now we are with you. ”

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