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Heartbroken rabbit from Omsk region has replaced puppies mother (4 photos)

In the village of Azovo, Omsk region, the male rabbit rescued newborn puppies. He protected them from dangers. This story was told by a local resident Margarita Startseva. Fluffy animal still ran away from the farm in the summer, but in the autumn he showed up near her house, where he dug a hole. The woman fed and watched the rabbit. Soon she noticed that there was a white dog in the neighborhood. Even later, Margarita saw a dead female: she was shot.

Three days later three puppies appeared from the mink. They were hungry, and the two had not yet opened their eyes. Eared for all time to protect the kids from cats, looked after them and carefully watched that the mistress of the house did not approach them too close.Startseva managed to find new owners for the puppies. Two have already been taken, and the owner of the fugitive rabbit was also found. Until the host is found for the last puppy, the fox is not in a hurry to take it.

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