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Gold of Yakutsk: local residents search for the second day bullions, dropped out of cargo An-12

On March 15 in Yakutsk cargo plane An-12 urgently boarded the airport of Magan settlement 12 kilometers from Yakutsk. During takeoff, the hatch of the hatch came off and gold bars dropped out of the body. Despite the fact that the police immediately surrounded the flying field, the locals continue to search for precious stones in the snow.

“The people of hope do not lose”

March 16 in social networks there were commercials, on which the inhabitants of Yakutsk and Magan settlement examine the neighborhood of the airport in search of gold. “Hey, there’s gold, no? There is, yes? Share! Yes, people do not lose hope, only we can have this, “the author of one of them noted.

The author of another video stated that “all Yakutsk cops are on their ears” because of the gold that has fallen out and shows a field near the airport.

In another video, the driver took a man out of the car, who also was digging snow in search of gold.

According to SakhaLife, people are looking for gold in the area of ​​several square kilometers from the airport and compiled an approximate map of the area.

Of course, I was not expecting to find anything, but, as they say, what the hell is not joking. In the main, policemen used to walk around the area. People who carefully look under their feet were few. We also rode along the roads and left.

eyewitness Alexander

But the news that one of the inhabitants of Yakutsk found gold, did not appear. The police of Yakutsk even had to refute the news that the local resident found an ingot from the An-12 in the yard of her house. This news was distributed in social networks, and then reprinted by the Russian media.

Probably, if someone from the Yakut people found a precious metal, he would hardly have talked about it. The lost gold belongs to the finds, and according to the law, the treasure hunters would have to return it to the owners – the company that was transporting to the An-12.

The ingots have already been assembled, and the airport has been reopened

As a representative of the Gagarinsky District Administration said , the treasure hunters continue their searches, but they are unlikely to be able to find anything. According to TASS, 172 ingots weighing about 3.4 tons were collected per day and handed over to the owner company. RIA Novosti, citing experts, said that the approximate cost of the fallen ingots is 122 million dollars.

Head of the Moscow office of the Canadian company Kinross Gold, which transported the precious metal, Stanislav Borodyuk said that the ingots were an alloy of Dore, that is, they consisted of gold and silver. It is produced by the Chukotka Mining and Geological Company, owned by a Canadian company, from where the metal was transported to Krasnoyarsk.

Borodyuk assured that all the cargo was transported, none of the employees were injured, and the company did not suffer any losses. “We will certainly conduct our own investigation, with the participation of an air carrier, and based on the results of the investigation we will strengthen the requirements for the carrier,” the company representative added. He did not specify how much gold was originally on board.

Video with gold bars collected from the field in Yakutsk

The Investigative Committee for the region began checking on the fact of the accident. According to preliminary data, the cargo fell on the hatch flap, because it was incorrectly fixed during loading. The media reported that the gold was transported by the Nimbus airline, but its representatives deny this .

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