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Developers together with “VKontakte” launched analogue Tinder for in-house acquaintances


Independent developers together with “VKontakte” presented the ” Dating 

application to search for a couple among the subscribers of the communities. Public administration needs to install the application to itself and then users will be able to get acquainted with each other.

Unlike Badoo and Tinder, Dating is focused on dating within communities, rather than on geographical proximity. However, when the questionnaires of subscribers “end”, the user will show other profiles, including from his native city.


“Dating” almost completely copy the visual style and functions of other applications for dating. The user fills in a small questionnaire about himself, adds several photos and puts out filters by sex and age.

Screenshot of the application “Dating”

User cards can also be swiped by moving left or right. With reciprocal huskies in the application, a chat opens where you can contact a potential partner. These are separate messages that are not shown in the correspondence in “VKontakte”. Even with the coincidence of the likes, “Dating” does not show a link to the page of the couple in the social network – only the information filled in the questionnaire.

According to representatives of VKontakte, the developers of the application was an independent team, whose name is not disclosed, and they helped with consultations. Judging by the community of “Dating”, they launched alpha testing in January 2018. By February 14, VKontakte launched a game to search for a couple for Valentine’s Day, which also copied the functions of dating applications.

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