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Confusions on stage: moments of shame of famous performers (14 photos)

On the cover of a glossy magazine, any pop star looks flawless. But sometimes during the concerts happens unforeseen. As the performers struggled with embarrassments, look further.

Justin Bieber
Young artist once very unlucky on stage. He vomited right during the performance. The only thing he managed to do was turn his back on the audience. Phonogram and dancing continued.


Britney Spears
Women with lush shapes should not wear tight suits. Especially if it needs to move on stage. Britney’s outfit parted on the back line, while she tried to continue the singing. The help of one of the dancers did not bring results.

Madonna Madonna
‘s performance once ended in a spectacular fall. The singer tightened the belt too tightly, so when the dancer had to sharply pull off her cloak, she just fell down on the steps.

Christina Aguilera The
reputation of this performer has noticeably leaked. At a farewell concert with the soul singer Etta James, Aguilera’s legs flowed a brownish liquid. Perhaps it’s a self-tanning. Or maybe something else.


Niki Minaj
Niki likes to throw out his legs effectively during his introductions. The girl is frank without any embarrassment. But from its side the fifth point looks rather strange. Fans suspected the actress in the presence of implants in the buttocks.

For the artist, the main thing is that the costume should be bright. And not everyone thinks about comfort. So Beyonce was not lucky: her dress flew up and revealed everything that was hidden.

Lolita Milyavska
Lolita never feels uncomfortable, so she happily dresses up in ridiculous and inappropriate costumes. On the stage, she allows herself to walk in torn pantyhose or to lift her legs so that the audience sees her intimate zones.




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