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“Shmyak!”: Musk announced the launch of intergalactic media empire

On March 15, the businessman and head of SpaceX elon Musk wrote the word “Thud” on Twitter with no explanations or context.

A dull sound indicating the fall of a heavy object or a collision with something. One of the translation options is “Shmyak!”

In the following tweak, Musk explained that he gave this name to his new “intergalactic media empire”.

The entrepreneur did not disclose other details about the “empire” on Twitter, but the speech is most likely about a comedic media. Daily Beast reported on March 14 that work was under way in Los Angeles on a secret project with the participation of several former employees of the Onion fake news site, including the former editor-in-chief and executive editor. Earlier Musk planned to purchase this site.

Variety journalists found that on December 6, 2017, someone reserved the address in the database of registration of GoDaddy domains. The site has not yet earned. Representative Musk confirmed the publication that Thud is the name of the new company, but also refused to specify the details.

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