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Rapper Drake came to broadcast on Fortnite and set a record of 600,000 simultaneous viewers

Streamer called rapper Drake and set a record of simultaneous views in Twitch

On March 15, the popular streamer is increasingly gaining momentum in the Fortnite video game Tyler Brevins, known by the nickname Ninja, set a record of simultaneous broadcasts in the streaming service Twitch. He broadcast Fortnite along with renowned rappers – Drake and Travis Scott.

Players communicated through the Discord – on the webcam of the performers was not visible. Before the broadcast, Drake announced a stream with Ninja in twitter, which attracted additional viewers. The last record belonged to Dr.DisRespect – it was watched by about 400 thousand people at the same time.

Players in the process talked about a variety of things. For example, Drake on the stream said that he loves pizza with pineapple.

Twitch is a video streaming service that specializes in the translation of video games. Video on the Twitch platform can be viewed both in real time and in the recording.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins arranged a March 15 stream on Fortnite on the Twitch platform. The highlight of the broadcast was guest guest rapper Drake (Drake). He recently got carried away by Fortnite and subscribed to the streamer in Instagram, and today he asked for a stream. Together with him to watch the broadcast at one point came to more than 600 000 spectators, which became a new record for the site, reports Kotaku.

Ninja and Drake communicated through the Discord. At the beginning, the broadcast was 200,000 people, but over time, their number increased to 400,000. When Drake published a link to the stream on his Twitter account with 37 million subscribers, the number of viewers increased to 500,000, and then to 600,000 .

During the broadcast, Drake said he started playing Fortnite on the PlayStation 4 two months ago, when there was not much to do at the recording studio.

The previous record for the number of simultaneous viewers (388 000) belonged to the streamer DrDisrespect.

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