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Logitech showed gaming speakers with a backlighting that adjusts for the picture

Logitech showed the G560 PC Gaming Speakers with an interesting feature. The device supports Lightsync technology. In the back of the speakers are LEDs, the color of which varies depending on the image on the screen.

Lightsync should enhance the effect of immersion. For example, during a chase in the GTA, the columns will blink blue and red, simulating the flashing beacons of police cars. In Battlefield 1, explosions on the display are supplemented by an orange-red glow on your wall.

For such special effects you need technology support by the games themselves. The list so far modest: Total War: Warhammer II, Dota 2, Civilization VI, Fortnite and several other projects.

The speakers come complete with a subwoofer. The kit is estimated at $ 200.

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