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In Yakutsk cargo An-12 lost the hatch door. Mash found out about gold emptying out of it

The An-12 hatch is torn off. Photo News.York.Ru
Runway of the airport in Yakutsk. Photos of Mash
Runway of the airport in Yakutsk. Photos of Mash

The cargo plane An-12 sat down at the airport almost immediately after departure, as it lost the cargo hatch. As reported in the press service of the airport, the wing was torn off by a strong air flow.

An-12, owned by the airline “Nimbus”, landed at the airport of Magan settlement 12 kilometers from Yakutsk. The airport noted that the plane before the flight was serviceable: it was prepared by the technicians who are part of the crew. They filled in a map-outfit for operational and technical maintenance of the vessel.

As the Telegram channel Mash learned , the An-12 carried gold: during the accident 9 tons of precious metal dropped out onto the runway. In total, the ship carried gold for 21 billion 600 million rubles.

YakutiaMedia, referring to eyewitnesses, reported that the airport was strengthened control of the police and cordoned off the area around the airfield.

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