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Google renamed Android Wear and wants to attract iPhone users

Google changed the name and concept of “smart” watches Android Wear: Wear OS – an operating system for all wearable devices. The company wants to attract more iPhone users thanks to the compatibility of the system with iOS.

“Every third Android Wear user in 2017 is the owner of the iPhone,” Google said. Owners of devices on iOS can use “smart” watches from the company from 2015, but with limited functions.

We have announced a new name that better reflects technology and our vision, and most importantly people who wear watches. Now we Wear OS from Google – the operating system for everyone.

Dennis Tropper
Head of Wear OS

In early May, Google will hold an I / O conference, which, apparently, will reveal more details about Wear OS. In the near future, the new name and logo will appear on all devices of the company.

Screenshot Wear OS from Google
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