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Americans will finance the research of temporal crystals

Agency DARPA will finance the research of so-called temporal crystals, the idea of ​​which was described in 2012. Not everyone can understand what it is and how it works, but such structures can find application in atomic clocks, which require the highest accuracy.

The project was named DRINQS (Driven and Nonequilibrium Quantum Systems). Temporal crystals will allow to conduct ultra-precise measurements, tying indicators to time and magnetic domains.

In the framework of DRINQS it is planned to study not only temporal crystals, but also the features of quantum mechanics.

Probably, the definition from “Wikipedia” will allow us to get closer to understanding what temporal crystals are: “The temporal crystal is a hypothetical physical structure, periodically changing its structure periodically without equal energy from outside. In 2015, it was proved that the creation of a temporal crystal in the state with the lowest energy and in any equilibrium system that has reached a stable state at any value of energy is impossible. “

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