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YouTube will build articles from Wikipedia for conspiracy videos

The landing of Americans on the moon, which spawned a “moon conspiracy”

YouTube will begin to add information from Wikipedia with links to videos about popular conspiracy theories. So videohosting plans to promote the adopted point of view on controversial events and fight misinformation, said the head of the service Susan Vojitsky at the conference South by Southwest in Texas.

According to Vojitski, the update should be expected in the next “couple of weeks”. Information from “Wikipedia” will be framed in the form of text blocks with a link under each video, the content of which is focused on conspiracy.


As an example, the head of YouTube led the landing of American astronauts on the moon. Around the historical program of NASA arose the theory of the ” lunar conspiracy “, according to which the US authorities forged the operation through documents, photographs and filming. The idea was repeatedly refuted by cosmonauts, scientists and government representatives around the world.

YouTube also disclosed the principle by which it will add information from Wikipedia. Employees of the service will use the list of known conspiracy theories collected in the encyclopedia. The material also covers Holocaust denial, “white genocide”, flat Earth, Illuminati, reptiloids and “controlled” attacks of September 11, 2001.

Videohosting faced criticism because of disinformation, which appeared against the backdrop of the recent mass shootings in the United States. A year ago, YouTube was accused of encouraging extremist content and attracting attention to it using algorithms. Users of the service also reported the removal of channels with conspiracy theories.

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