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US Navy used pirated software for $ 600 million, but they do not want to pay

The fight against piracy can take various forms: as a rule, with ordinary users, especially not ceremony and punished with huge fines. It is believed that state organizations, especially in the US, will not install counterfeit software on their computers. In fact, it is different.

So, the German company Bitmanagement has been trying for the first time to achieve the truth. In 2011 and 2012, the US Navy purchased a license for the use of special software BS Contact Geo on 38 computers. In 2013, the software began to “wander” around the computers of the US military and, as a result, it was installed at about 429 thousand PCs.

Bitmanagement was surprised by this course of events, but felt that there would be no problems with compensation. The reality turned out to be different, and in 2016 the talk was about the amount of damage at $ 596,308,103.

In the Federal Court of Claims, the US filed a lawsuit, but the case did not move from the dead end. Since then, German developers are trying to achieve the truth, but without success. The other day they sent another petition asking them to recognize the US government as responsible for copyright infringement.

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