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“The activity of the mind has always been important for my survival”: the main speeches and interviews of Stephen Hawking

A documentary about his life and conversations with a physicist about black holes, the universe and artificial intelligence.

Stephen Hawking at the John Oliver Show in 2014

On March 14, at the age of 77, the famous British astrophysicist and popularizer of science Stephen Hawking died. Throughout his life, the scientist was studying the problem of the emergence of cosmological singularity, the theory of black holes and became the author of a dozen books on cosmology. the main speeches and interviews with Hawking, in which he touches on various aspects of scientific activity and everyday life.

“My short story”

Documentary film of British director Stephen Finnigan (Stephen Finnigan) about the life of Hawking. The tape tells about the biography of a physicist, from school years to his transformation into a great scientist.

Interview of the BBC 2013

A short interview with the BBC Hockey 2013, in which the physicist told about his work in Cambridge, the relationship to the incurable disease and his appearances in humorous shows and serials.

Interview with Larry King on Russia Today

In 2016, Hawking participated in the “Larry King Show” on Russia Today. The scientist shared his views on the world ecological problem, the dangers of artificial intelligence and the organization of the world. At the end of the interview, Hawking told the King about the experience of communication and interaction with women.

Speech at TED

In 2008, the scientist spoke at the annual conference TED. In his speech, he touched upon the origin of our universe and the emergence of life in it.

Interview with John Oliver

In 2014, Hawking became a guest of the Last Week Tonight show on HBO, where he gave an interview to comedian John Oliver. The physicist told about the main, in his opinion, the problem of all science fiction writers and the possible battle of robots. At the end of the interview, Oliver asked if there exist parallel worlds where there is a man smarter than Stephen Hawking, to which the scientist replied: “Yes. And there are universes where you joke funny. ”

Interview of the BBC in 2014

In 2014, Hawking, in an interview with the BBC, said that he was thinking about the dangers of artificial intelligence, which could endanger the existence of mankind.

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